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I’m planning to go to Wisconsin this week to watch the Air and Water show. I would like to hear some advice from you guys who already have experienced to watch the show. I heard many times that it was filled with people on the weekend show, so I rather choose to go to the Friday preview to avoid the big crowd. Do they all perform in the Friday rehearsal? I’m waiting for your response. Thank you!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Friday rehearsal at Milwaukee, but in my memory, all the military performers showed off their skills. Friday is definitely the time to go for the Milwaukee Air and Water Show. I have a couple of friends from the Milwaukee area where I am within that time.

Most of the time everyone does fly. Last event, we did not see the Parachute Team but did get to see the Airforce two times. If there’s a weather issue for the Friday practice then it is impossible to see all the military performers.

I’ve gone every year for several years. And to tell you honestly, the Friday preview is fun rather than the Saturday and Sunday shows. You can already watch the whole show on Friday, with less crowd. Note that you should prepare big lenses for the camera so you can shoot well. The most important thing is to have fun. If you are interested, I have several galleries on my personal blog.

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